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The 34th International Course and Conference on the Interfaces among Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Sciences: Mathematics, Chemistry, Computing (Math/Chem/Comp, MC2-34) is organized under the joint auspices of the Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Croatian Chemical Society, and the University of Zagreb (Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science).





Since 1986, the Math/Chem/Comp meetings have been bringing together researchers working on diverse subjects spanning mathematics, computer science, and chemistry. In continuation of this tradition, presentations concerning all aspects of current research on computer modeling, combinatorics, graph theory, and topology applied to any area of chemistry, physics, material and life sciences will be welcomed. The conference program will include invited plenary and special lectures workshops and posters. In particular, the MC2-34 meeting will revolve around the following topics:

  1. Mathematical methods and computational algorithms in modeling of atoms, molecules, and chemical processes
  2. Mathematical chemistry and chemical graph theory
  3. Molecular modeling in practice (including molecular dynamics and aggregation)
  4. Chemical experiments, industrial processes, and mathematical interpretation

The conference program will include invited lectures, contributed oral presentations, and posters. Moreover, we will offer TWO Workshops which will be held by Dr Nađa Došlić (Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, Croatia): Photoinduced processes in molecules and how to follow them, and Prof. Tomislav Došlić (Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb, Croatia): Chemical graph theory revisited.



The papers presented at the MC2-34 meeting can be submitted to Croatica Chemica Acta to be published as proceedings.

All contributions will be refereed. The participants are encouraged to submit their manuscripts before the meeting or at the latest upon arrival in Dubrovnik. Those unable to attend are invited to send their manuscripts to the director of the conference.


University of Zagreb,
Faculty of Science,
Department of Chemistry

Croatian Chemical Society

Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik